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About ABIQ

Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland (ABIQ) Inc. was formed to enhance the treatment of children with Autism in Queensland, Australia and to promote the use of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) to achieve this. Please read our mission statement to obtain a greater understanding of our goals.

ABA therapy services

Whilst ABIQ does not directly provide ABA therapy services, it does provide a network for ABA resources including ABA service providers, complementary professionals and ABA program materials. Parents and Carers of children with Autism and their families are invited to contact ABIQ to find out more about ABA, how to access ABA therapy, where to find resources for ABA programs and other useful information.

Complementary therapies

We also welcome enquiries from professionals and wish to hear in particular from those providing ABA and complementary services such as speech therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, auditory integration therapy and biomedical and dietary therapies.1

Parental support

Support is also provided through regular social gatherings where parents can meet and share their stories and exchange their experiences and successes. These occasions are advertised in ABIQ's newsletter or can be accessed via Social Events Calendar.


Membership is open to all interested parties, including immediate and extended families of children with Autism, carers, teaching assistants and professionals.

The annual membership fee entitles members to receive four editions of our quarterly newsletter, ABIQ News, which contains information about ABA and Autism, ABIQ activities, Community Relations development and other items of interest.  Membership Details.

Noah's Ark Resource Centre

Another membership benefit is a specially reduced membership fee for Noah's Ark Resource Centre located at East Brisbane. This includes access to ABA program resources reserved exclusively for ABIQ members, as well as the extensive collection available in Noah's Ark public access section.  For further information about Noah’s Ark go to  ABIQ’s Resource Library Information.


ABIQ gratefully accepts donations to help us assist children with Autism and their families. ABIQ is a registered as a charity in Queensland and, therefore, donations over $2 made to ABIQ are tax deductible.

To find out more

If you wish to find out more about Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland and how we are working for children with Autism and their families; assist ABIQ with a donation; or enquire about Applied Behaviour Analysis or other services for the treatment of Autism in Queensland, please feel free to contact us.