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Our Mission

We at ABIQ believe that families of children with Autism deserve a choice of Early Intervention Programs (EIP). We believe that Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the most effective form of Early Intervention Program. Our goal is to assist families of children with Autism to implement an Applied Behavioural Analysis program when they make that choice. We aim to achieve this goal by performing the following activities:

  • Providing professionals and the public with information about Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland and Applied Behavioural Analysis as an alternative Early Intervention Program to existing services.

  • Supporting coherent, chronologically appropriate responses to all aspects of Autism, from diagnosis onwards.

  • Debunking the existing mindset in Queensland that children with Autism necessarily grow into adults with Autism.

  • Promoting an understanding that a child with Autism may have all the potential of any other child.

  • Lobbying State and Federal Governments to fund Applied Behavioural Analysis programs.

  • Forming partnerships with businesses and the community to assist families participating in the Applied Behavioural Analysis program.

  • Building a support network and resource base for families of children with Autism undergoing an Applied Behavioural Analysis program.

  • Increasing the number of service providers and teaching assistants to meet the needs of families of children with Autism.