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ABIQ Welcome ยป Membership


Membership is open to all interested parties including immediate and extended families of children with Autism, carers, teaching assistants and professionals.

Corporate members are also welcome and ABIQ gratefully accepts donations from corporations and individuals.

Benefits of membership

The annual membership fee entitles members to receive four editions of our quarterly newsletter, ABIQ News, which contains information about autism (with a focus on ABA therapy, biomedical issues and dietary interventions), ABIQ activities, updates on ABIQ Government lobbying and Community Relations development and other items of interest.

Another membership benefit is a specially reduced membership fee for Noah's Ark Resource Centre located at East Brisbane. This includes access to ABA program resources reserved exclusively for ABIQ members, as well as the extensive collection available in Noah's Ark public access section.

Members whose children are starting or undergoing an Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) program may have need for new or experienced ABA therapists. ABIQ conducts information seminars regularly for tertiary students interested in ABA training. From the list of seminar participants, ABIQ maintains a register of therapists. ABIQ members are eligible to recruit therapists from the register.

ABIQ also provides support and networking opportunities to members through regular group meetings and social functions for the whole family. You have access to first hand information and experience from parents whose autistic children are currently undergoing or have completed ABA therapy. ABIQ can assign a parent experienced in ABA training, as a mentor to new families during the initial months of their ABA program.

Members also get discounted access to ABIQ events such as information seminars, workshops and lectures.

With every new membership, ABIQ gains a louder voice to lobby State and Federal Government for increased support and access to ABA therapy for all children with autism.

Membership fees

ABIQ Membership fees are as follows:

Fee ($AUS)
Family - two adults $33.00*
Therapists/Teaching Assistants $22.00*
Professionals $44.00*
Organisational/ School $44.00*
Other $44.00

*Includes GST. This is an Annual Membership due 1st September each year. Students are not required to pay any membership fee.

How to join

To join ABIQ please complete a membership registration form and send it, together with your cheque or money order, to ABIQ. MS Word format of membership form. Pdf version of membership form

If you have any questions in relation to ABIQ membership please contact us.