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Resource Library

ABIQ, in conjunction with Noah's Ark Resource Centre, has created a Resource Library tailored specifically to ABA programs.

What resources are available?

The resources contained within the ABA Resource Library are restricted to ABIQ members only, cover all levels of programs and include:

  • flashcards;

  • games;

  • pretend play props;

  • CD-ROMs; and

  • books.

A complete list of available items can be viewed on this web site at resource list. A print-friendly version of this list is also available on the web.

How do I access materials?

ABIQ Members will be required to join Noah's Ark Toy Library by completing the special Noah's Ark/ABIQ Membership Application form and paying a reduced fee of $60 (which consists of an annual $50 membership and a one off $10 carrybag hire). This entitles ABIQ members to full use of Noah's Ark resources as well as ABIQ's resources. ABIQ Members will be issued with a membership card each year and your member number must be recorded on your membership application form. The membership card for the current financial year MUST BE SHOWN EACH TIME you wish to borrow materials from the ABIQ resources.

The materials are housed within the Noah's Ark Resource Centre located in inner city Brisbane but will also be available to members outside the metropolitan area through Noah's Arks' mobile unit and isolated families programs. (Please contact Noah's Ark for more information about these outreach services.) Visits to the Noah's Ark Resource Centre are by appointment only.

How many items can I borrow?

If in a borrowing session you wish to borrow items from both the ABIQ and Noah's Ark resources, you can loan:

ABIQ Resources


Noah's Ark Resources

  • 4 items

  • 1 book or CD-ROM

  • 2 items

  • 2 books

If in a borrowing session you wish to borrow items only from the Noah's Ark resources, their normal quantities apply:

Noah's Ark Resources

  • 4 items

  • 2 books

NB. Noah's Ark Resource Centre also has some great large items (eg. play centres, Little Tykes Cars and Trucks, kitchen pretend play units etc.) that are available for 1 month at $10/month. These are the only items for which there is an additional cost.

Borrowing periods

All items can be borrowed for a maximum period of one month, however items can be swapped more regularly if required. Families participating through the isolated families program can borrow items for two months. Please contact Noah's Ark Resource Centre for more details.

Feedback on Resource Library

To help make sure ABIQ Members get the most out of the ABIQ Resources feedback is needed on the following areas:

  1. What item do we need more of?
  2. What areas haven't been covered either by ABIQ's or Noah's Ark's resources?

Please call Fiona (on 5467 2284) to pass on your thoughts.

Noah's Ark would also appreciate your feedback on any aspect of the ABIQ, Noah's Ark partnership. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding procedures or items in the collection please let Rosemary Meadows or your Adviser know.

Used ABA Resources

Donations of resources are welcome as there may be families who would really have a need for them. Please call Fiona (on 5467 2284) if:
* you have anything at home that you don't use anymore and think others may find it beneficial, or
* you are starting an ABA program and are in need of such resources.


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Phone: (07) 3391 2166
Fax: (07) 3391 2053

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Last updated 23 March, 2006